Vacancy – Field Service Technician (TIG/MIG welder)


Job description

As a Field Service Technician, you are always working on-location in order to build and install a stainless steel tank. In addition to this, you brief the user, and offer follow-up care to the client. It is therefore important that you have communicative skills, seeing as you will have (in)direct contact with the clients on location. An installation team often consists of two or more people, including one co-foreman. Your manager is the contact person in the office in Lopik.

You leave the office in Lopik every day with different Field Service Technicians, heading to locations both within the Netherlands and abroad. You are required to be flexible due to the fact your working hours will end earlier some days and later on others.

Day-to-day responsibilities

• You will install tanks and make them operational;

• You will brief the dealers and end-users in terms of use, service and maintenance;

• You will be working on new building, special client-specific, and renovation projects;

• You will test the installations and apparatus in the factory and on-location;

• You will build tanks on-location (also referred to as location build).

• You will solve (common) faults;

• You will carry out adjustments on-location;

• You will make improvement proposals in terms of the installations, and hand these over to the Engineering department.

A day in the life of a Gpi Field Service Technician

You arrive at our office in Lopik at 6 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. You will then receive, among other things, the latest details from your manager before stepping into one of Gpi’s buses. You and one or more colleagues will then ride to the relevant job site and get to work. You will work with the team throughout the day, and as soon as the work is done, hop back in the car to Lopik. Some days, you’ll arrive back in Lopik earlier than on others. This is naturally dependent on the difficulty degree of the job on hand, any problems which occurred, journey time and traffic. On arriving back in Lopik, you tidy away your things and head home with a feeling of satisfaction.

Job requirements

Our ideal candidate has the following qualities:

• Technical senior secondary vocational education working and thinking level (metalworking is a bonus);

• At least a few years’ work experience in a similar function;

• Experience in TIG/MIG welding;

• The correct material and machine knowledge;

• Is communicative and has organisational skills;

• Problem-solving attitude and pays attention to detail;

• Ready to be deployed on a flexible basis (including during weekends and abroad).

What do we offer you?

• A good and healthy working environment as part of a growing team of approximately 75 colleagues;

• An internationally-focused work environment;

• Experienced and enthusiastic colleagues;

• Good support in order to familiarise yourself with the necessary product knowledge;

• A great deal of independence and space for own ideas and input;

• A good salary and secondary employment conditions;

• The option of becoming a member of the employees’ association;

• Friday afternoon get-together at our head office in Lopik.


Have we piqued your interest? Would you be interested in becoming our new colleague? Then send your cover letter and CV to [email protected] or to Handelsweg 14, 3411 NZ in Lopik.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like more information about this vacancy? Then send an email to: [email protected], or call us on +31 (0)348 55 98 00 or visit our Facebook page.

Have you applied?

Then our HR department will contact you within 10 working days. If our first interview is a pleasant experience for both parties, you will be invited for a second one.

We do not appreciate unsolicited acquisition on the basis of this vacancy. We constantly list this vacancy online on account of the fact that we are constantly looking for talented technicians.