About us

Who are we and what do we do

Gpi is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel process equipment for companies active in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries,  for both integrators as end users. With an enthusiastic team we are looking to find the right solution for the customer. This can be an ‘engineered solution’ or a piece of equipment specially designed to solve the customer’s problem.

Our Values

We differ from other manufactures in that we constantly innovate in terms of technology, processes and teamwork.

Our products

With over 70 years of experience in the design and production of stainless steel process equipment, we offer the right solution in the field of heating and cooling of both liquids and solid products. In addition, we design and manufacture our own agitators, so that you have a single point of contact for all your in-tank agitation and mixing processes. A combination of stirring / mixing and heating / cooling is of course also possible. In addition, we have a standardized range with products such as the Kelstream Scraped Heat Exchanger and the Batterline.

Gpi Group

Gpi De Gouwe Process Equipment is part of the Gpi Group. Within the Gpi Group there is also a tank building division. Same values, different products. Take a look at the website:

Our products

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