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Tanks and process equipment for food applications

The food industry is multifaceted, both in terms of products and processes. Every single product is different, and needs to be processed in a specific way. Concerns are not limited to the characteristics of the product: they also include hygiene. Gpi is happy to collaborate with you in order to find a smart design for tanks and equipment so that your end product is of the highest quality.


Standard or tailor made for your product and process

Storage tanks, heat exchangers, cooking kettles, buffertanks, melting units and process tanks, Gpi De Gouwe has years of experience in the food industry, and has grown to become a specialist in the various aspects within the industry. As a result, we are able to give the best advice on heating or cooling of the product and on the correct finish, and can guarantee you a product with a long lifespan. In addition, we design and manufacture our own agitators to guarantee the perfect tank-agitator combination.

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