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Stainless steel tanks and process equipment for cosmetics

With rapidly-changing demands in the consumer market, it is important to have flexible and custom-made equipment solutions. Here, the delicate structure of the products must be taken into account when heating, cooling or mixing them. We will actively collaborate with you when thinking about the tank design, and about specific tank/agitator combinations which will have a positive impact.

Standard or tailor made for your product and process

Storage tanks, heat exchangers, cooking kettles, buffertanks, melting units and process tanks, Gpi De Gouwe has years of experience in the cosmetics industry, and has grown to become a specialist in the various aspects within the industry. As a result, we are able to give the best advice on heating or cooling of the product and on the correct finish, and can guarantee you a product with a long lifespan. In addition we design and manufacture our own agitators

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