Our values

Who we are and what we stand for

With over 70 years of combined experience, Gpi De Gouwe has become an established name in the process equipment industry. As the Process Equipment division of the Gpi Group, we combine our knowledge and experience with process equipment to offer customers a focused approach and to offer you the right solution to your problems. To secure our culture, we have defined the following values. These values are what customers, business partners and colleagues can expect from us.

We differ from other manufacturers in that we constantly innovate in terms of technology, process and teamwork. We also try to do everything a little bit smarter and better. You can experience this by walking through our factory, visiting our website or speaking to one of our people.

Industry knowledge | Product & Process knowlegde

Combining the in-depth knowledge we have from the industries we are working in and the product and process knowledge, we are able to deliver better products.

Product & Process | Health & Safety

Having 100% control over our process means that we are able to deliver products and services of the highest quality, and are able to carry out projects with maximum regard for health & safety.

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Flexible | Reliable | Dedicated

We are committed to our clients’ projects, and understand their concerns. We add value to projects by being reliable, flexible and by providing you with the right knowlegde.

Continuous improvement | Product innovation | Lean Management

We are always striving to improve our products by always think how we can make things better. This can be in the manufacturing process, but also apply new technologies into our machines.

We apply Lean philosophy and innovative IT tools in order to systematically improve our products, processes and services. This makes us faster and more efficient.

““Translating client requirements into a qualitatively good product requires teamwork and involvement.””

Alexander Kraaijkamp – Managing Director

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