Your process compactly composed

Stainless Steel Skid

Next to separate tanks and process equipment, Gpi designs and produces also integrated solutions on a frame, better known as skids. You can think of a preparation vessel in combination with a  surface heat exhanger, control panel, the right valve train and piping.

Because Gpi designs the entire skid, you are assured that the technology supplied works seamlessly together and delivers the highest possible product and process quality.

The skid is supplied plug-and-play, so that you are hindered as little as possible in your production environment during installation.

Options and applications

Each application requires different requirements for the skid. That is why our skids are designed and manufactured in close cooperation between all our departments so that they perfectly match your product and process and meet all desired requirements.

Pick the right configuration

We understand that every application is different. That is why we design our skids specifically to your specifications, so that we can be sure that the skid best suits your product and process.

Do you prefer certain brands in terms of component choice? Fine. Do you want us to choose the best components for you? No problem.

Gpi has good relationships with various component suppliers such as pumps, valves and instruments.

Finishing levels

Gpi uses a high level of quality as standard. We always design our skids with the highest possible level of hygiene.

We take into account the drain possibility, we avoid blind spots and our frames can be built in a so-called diamond frame, whereby the tubes are tilted. In this way, as little dirt as possible remains on your skid frame.

Stainless Steel Buffer Tank - upperside

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