Chocolate Tank

Stainless Steel tanks especially for chocolate

Stainless Steel Chocolate Tanks

The production of good quality chocolate requires a very specific production process. Gpi designs and manufactures tanks and process equipment specifically intended for the processing of chocolate. The chocolate tanks meet the highest quality standards and hygiene standards.

With chocolate it is very important that the melting process is carefully controlled. Our tanks can be equipped with a double jacket in one or more segments to control the temperature of the chocolate.


“Gpi De Gouwe is a reliable partner, supplies quality and helps to shape
the desired process from start to finish

Ad-Willem Slings and Laurens Bouwmeester, Menken Orlando

Options and applications

Each application requires different requirements from a tank. That is why our tanks are designed and manufactured in close cooperation between all our departments, so that they perfectly match your product and process and meet all desired quality requirements and quality marks.

“One factor that helped turn this challenging project into a tremendous success was the solid collaboration with Gpi

Wouter van Durme, Project Manager at Puratos

Choose the correct configuration

The correct tank/agitator combination

Let us take care of the agitator in addition to the tank. Gpi De Gouwe has years of experience in designing and making agitators and agitator combinations that perfectly match your chocolate process. Think of anchor agitators, gate agitators with scrapers or other slowly rotating agitators.

Finishing level

As standard, we provide our food-grade tanks with an internal roughness of Ra 0.8, taking into account the latest requirements in the field of hygienic design. 

Heating, cooling or keeping at temperature

Almost all tanks for chocolate have a double jacket, electric heating or a so-called au-bain-marie heating jacket.

We like to think along with you to guarantee the correct way of temperature control to store or process your chocolate in the highest possible quality.

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