Storage Tank

Standard or tailor made storage tanks. The perfect place to store your product.

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Gpi De Gouwe produces all kinds of storage tanks in all sorts of sizes for all applications in the food, chocolate and cosmetics. This range spans high-quality finished 200 liter vessels for cosmetical or food products, to 25000 liter tanks for bulk storage of chocolates, ointments, creams and other products.

Even when it’s only storage, this doens’t mean that these tanks are only simply storage. We can also integrate heating, cooling and agitation on these tanks. For all options, please find the part below.

Lloyds audited Gpi, and accredited the company to independently design and manufacture pressure tanks over 0.5 bar (H + H1 certified). If your storage tank is part of a PED installation, the project engineer will closely collaborate with the client and our own QA/QC employee in order to carry out a risk analysis and set up a test & inspection plan. These tanks are usually designed to be in line with NEN-EN13445. 

Stainless Steel Storage Tank - render

Bigger storage tanks? (>25000 liter)

Your supplier of stainless steel tanks, process tanks, storage tanks and pressure vessels from 25,000 liter.

Site built storage tanks

  • Mehrere XL-Tanks vor Ort gebaut.
  • Bis zu 30 Meter im Durchmesser und 30 Meter hoch.

Options and applications

We understand that every processline is different. Therefor our storage tanks are configurable that way it will fit your product and process perfectly. Of course is a fully custom-made storage tank also a possibility.

Stainless Steel Storage Tank - small

Standard buffer tanks or tailor made for your product and process

We understand that every storage tank is different. Therefor we design our buffer tanks tailormade for you, so you can be sure that the tank will suit to your product and process best. Options we can include into your tank are:

  • Fully integrated control panel
  • Pressurized
  • Heated and/or cooled
  • Agitators
  • Loadcells
  • Level switches
  • Cleaning options
  • Skid mounted
  • Etc.

Finishing levels

As a standard, Gpi ensures a high-finishing level. For some applications, such as in the food industry or even in the pharmaceutical industry, specific requirements are applicable. As a standard, food tanks are produced with an internal roughness of Ra 0.8, but if desired we can also produce tanks with much smoother (and therefore more hygienic) inner walls.

Stainless Steel Buffer Tank - upperside

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