Juice tanks

Hygienic tanks to buffer juices

Stainless Steel Tanks for drinks and juices

Whether you want to heat, cool, mix or store, Gpi has the best storage tanks for your juice processing.

There is an increasingly varied range of drinks on the shelf, with fresh juices, sports, energy and protein drinks becoming increasingly important. The processing of ingredients for these products requires specialist equipment, whereby the properties of the product must always be taken into account.


Options and applications

Each application requires different requirements from a juice tank. That is why our tanks are designed and manufactured in close cooperation between all our departments so that they perfectly match your product and process and meet all desired quality requirements and quality marks.

U-Z Agitator juice buffer tank

Choose the correct configuration

The correct tank/agitator combination

Let us take care of the agitator outside the tank. Gpi De Gouwe has years of experience in designing and making agitators and agitator combinations that perfectly match your juice processing process. A commonly used solution is the so-called U-Z agitator. This agitator maintains the homogeneity of the product, even if the product contains fiber or pulp.

Heating and cooling

When storing juices and drinks, it is essential that the product remains at the right temperature. Ensuring the correct combination of heating/cooling capacity and insulation on the tank, to heat or cool your product within the desired time.

Submit your cooling/heating case directly to Gpi with your application, we are happy to think along about the most efficient solution. Whether this is a dimple, double jacket or half pipe.

Hygenic and reliable

Gpi has a lot of experience in building tanks and equipment for fruit juices, spirits, dairy, beer or other drinks and concentrates. For example, we can give the right advice about heating or cooling the product, building pressurized tanks (PED / AD2000) to preserve freshness and thinking about the necessary finishing of the tank for hygienic purposes.

With in-house engineering, production and quality control, we maintain maximum control over quality and guarantee solutions that meet the strictest requirements in terms of hygiene, safety, durability and ease of operation. It goes without saying that we work within the set international standards and regulations, if desired we can also produce according to the EHEDG guidelines.

Aseptic storage

It is essential that no unwanted bacteria or contamination gets into the juices. For the most demanding applications, Gpi is able to design and manufacture aseptic, or sterile, storage tanks. Aseptic storage tanks are designed very hygienically, are often under pressure and are protected against unsolicited external influences.

Juice tank

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