Melting Unit

For melting chocolate, fat and powders

Industrial Melting Unit - render

Industrial Melting Unit

For inline- or batch melting of products, Gpi designs and produces industrial melting vats. The melting unit is capable to melt 100 up to 6000kg/h of various products. Think of blocks of fat, margarine, butter, but also powders.

The melting units range from 0.5m
² up to 15m² of melting surface.

See the possible options and applications below.

Industrial Melting Unit - inside

Options and applications

The melting units are available in several sizes. Next to that we can offer different options. 
Get in contact to hear all the possibilities.

  • MU50 – 0.5m² 
  • MU100 – 1.0² 
  • MU150 – 1.5m² 
  • MU250 – 2.5m² 
  • MU350 – 3.5m² 
  • Including agitator to keep molten product homogeneous
  • Integrated control panel
  • Manual or automatic valves
  • Load cells
  • CIP cleaning
  • Different types of folding lids
  • Extra heating plates for optimally melted product
  • Various types of stainless steel possible (304, 316L)
  • Chocolate
  • Fat
  • Powders / sugars
  • Butter / margarine
  • Peanut butter
  • Waxes

How it works

Industrial Melting Unit - grid

Unique melting grid design

Thanks to the special melting grid, manufactured on an automatic Tig / plasma welding bench, the product to be melted is constantly refreshed. In this way the temperature of the grid can be raised higher than on conventional melting units, without damaging (burning) delicate products. Due to the high heated surface, a high melting capacity is achieved on a minimal surface.

Customize to your wishes

We understand that a standard melting unit might not meet your wishes. That is why our melting trays can be equipped with a large number of options, so that we can be sure that the melting unit fits best with your product and process. As an example, we can include an extra melting plate in the design to guarantee fully melted product for difficult products. In addition, the collection container for molten product can also be equipped with a heating jacket.

Industrial Melting Unit - inside
Industrial Melting Unit - grid with melting powder

Test the melting unit
with your own product

Gpi has melting units available for testing with your own product. This ensures you get a melting unit that works.


Are you curious whether our melting unit is the right one for your product? Contact us for more information.

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