Sales Engineer Jan: "I get a real kick every time another sparkling new tank or process equipment, I helped develop, leaves the factory"

Jan de Ruiter has been part of the Gpi De Gouwe sales team since August 2020. Gpi was a familiar name to him even before he came to work here as he used to live near Lopik. A year and a half after completing his studies in Industrial Engineering and Management, he got in touch with us. As he says himself, he was looking for an exciting, challenging and enjoyable job in which he could put his technical skills to good use, and at Gpi, he found a job that perfectly suits this description!

Within Gpi De Gouwe’s Sales Department, the focus is strongly on technical advice to ensure a perfect manufacturing solution for our clients. “The first thing we do when contacting the client is to listen carefully to their needs and wishes,” says Jan when asked about exactly what his job entails. “We always ask lots of questions, for example, what they are expecting from the end product, how the product is currently being manufactured and what equipment they use to do so. Based on this information, the Sales Department will propose a client-specific solution – often after getting the Engineering Department involved at an early stage – and then translate this into a detailed quote.”

Working at Gpi De Gouwe’s Sales Department demands much more than your average sales function. Our Sales Engineers must be able to answer clients’ questions, follow up on quotes and maintain client relationships. “I get a real kick every time a client chooses us to develop sparkling new equipment and every time I see the end product leave the factory” says Jan with great enthusiasm and a huge smile on his face.

Jan de Ruiter

High quality and innovative production equipment
He tells us that his job gives him more than enough job satisfaction and he learns new things each and every day. “The manufacturing industry never stops. Every client wants something different, so you’re always faced with new challenges and surprises that you have to translate into a suitable solution.” In Jan’s eyes, the unique thing about working for Gpi De Gouwe is that everyone across the entire company works together to produce high quality and innovative manufacturing equipment. “The great thing about Gpi is that we are constantly and demonstrably pushing every aspect of our work to a higher level” says Jan. “I’m part of a highly skilled sales team, we interact extremely well with the various departments, mutual collaboration between our colleagues is excellent and we strive together to achieve the very best results possible. Who could ask for more in a job?!” One particularly important factor to him is pleasant interaction with clients. In his case, this means he must respond to clients quickly, effectively and in a friendly manner. “Everyone needs to receive answers to their questions as quickly and clearly as possible, and that’s what I strive to do.”

Jan de Ruiter

Manufacturing solutions that perfectly meet the client’s wishes
Gpi De Gouwe – an expert in heating, cooling and mixing – produces stainless steel tanks and manufacturing equipment for the food and cosmetics industries. We provide everything from (scraped surface) heat exchangers, processing tanks and manufacturing equipment for heating, cooling, boiling, mixing, homogenising, emulsifying, crystallising and buffering, to fully integrated manufacturing solutions. Gpi De Gouwe is also your perfect partner for additive mixing and dosing systems as well as batter coating preparation systems (Batterline). “We enjoy the challenge set by all of the different requests that we receive. Whatever the client needs – a chocolate tank, a Kelstream or a fully automated production line – every day is unique” says Jan. He also greatly enjoys the atmosphere in the workplace. “A nice chat, a laugh and a joke with your colleagues always makes your job more fun to do.”

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