New cooking kettles for Rimboe Sauzen

“Gpi is a flexible partner, who listens carefully to the needs of the customer and delivers effective solutions without losing sight of the smaller client-specific aspects”

Rimboe Sauzen produces sauces with an oriental flavour for the consumer, hospitality and manufacturing industries. With spanking new premises in Sassenheim, the need arose for new processing equipment for use in the preparation of sauces, such as soy and marinades. Previous contact with Gpi De Gouwe had been positive and ultimately a request was made for three new cooking kettles.

Wim van der Slot, project manager at Rimboe Sauzen, was involved at every stage of the project: “We entrusted production of the three new processing tanks to Gpi because of our favourable experiences with them in the past. Gpi is a flexible partner, who listens carefully to the needs of the customer and delivers effective solutions without losing sight of the smaller client-specific aspects.”

Wim van der Slot – project manager Rimboe Sauzen

Three new cooking vessels

Gpi designed and manufactured three cooking kettles: two 1000 litre cooking kettles with anchor auger and high-speed mixer; and a 500 litre cooking vessel. “The tanks were put onto legs to allow a standard truck to be placed underneath, so enabling the tanks to be filled in a practical way by this method. We no longer need to put bags into the tank by hand,” explains Wim. After filling, the ingredients are mixed in the correct manner by means of a computer-controlled panel and heated to the required temperature and then pasteurised. Once a sauce has been prepared, the tanks are thoroughly sterilised, before the next sauce can be prepared.

The collaboration

Wim had high praise for the project partnership with Gpi. “The personal contact and the short lines of communication provided a sound basis for a good working relationship, resulting in the development of highly effective new items of process equipment.” This level of satisfaction ultimately led to a new request being made. The tanks are currently able to process 20,000 litres of sauce per week, but because of the rapid expansion in production, additional capacity is needed. Gpi therefore received a new order from Rimboe Sauzen for two 2000 litre cooking kettles to be installed in October 2020.

About the customer

‘Rimboe’ (spelled ‘rimba’ in English) is the Malay word for jungle. This name was chosen in recognition of the oriental roots of one of the company’s founding members. However, Rimboe itself is a Dutch company which started out life as a developer, producer and vendor of a specific satay sauce, once produced in a lock-up garage in The Hague. Today, Rimboe Sauzen – now part of Menken Beheer – has expanded to become a business which will soon enjoy nationwide success. Over the years, with its 15 own and private-label sauces, Rimboe Sauzen has developed into a fully-fledged, forward-thinking business run by a highly enthusiastic 10-man team.

Since late 2019, they have had brand new production facilities for IFS and Halal-certified products, equipped with state-of-the-art means for producing sauces and marinades in the time-honoured fashion. Whether in portion packs, catering-size bottles or tubs, Rimboe Sauzen is a partner for both food-service and speciality businesses, as well as for the industrial market.


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