Gpi's Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger recommended by Selo

Selo offers advanced technological solutions to customers in the international food industry. After successful experiences in the past, Selo is now offering Gpi’s Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat exchanger as recommended machine for the inline heating and cooling of (highly) viscous products like ketchup, sauces, starch slurries and other products.

To date, Gpi has supplied eight Kelstreams for various Selo production lines. In addition, two Kelstreams were supplied to Selo’s Technology Center earlier this year. The Center allows customers to test their own recipes and discover what their process and end product will look like. This allows customers to become familiar with the equipment at a very early stage.

“Although Gpi convincingly demonstrated the effectiveness of its Kelstream scraped surface heat exchanger, we were equally pleased about being able to work with such a reliable partner” says Willibrord Woertman, CEO of Selo.

Willibrord Woertman, CEO Selo and Luuk Lubberman, Manager Food Processing Selo with the received glass milestone featuring an engraved Kelstream in the middle

The Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat exchanger is unique because it has two heated or cooled surfaces, which are scraped continuously. Thus a large heated surface can be realised on just a small floor area. The Kelstream features a hygienic lip seal. The lip seal does not require barrier fluid to operate the seal. If a hygienic solution is needed, the seal can be rinsed from the inside. This prevents microbiological build-up or crystallisation. The lip seal is cost-efficient because only the seal’s wear parts need to be replaced. Naturally, it is also possible to use other types of seals if necessary, like single or double mechanical seals.

Alexander Kraaijkamp, Sales Manager at Gpi De Gouwe: “Of course, we are proud that a company like Selo has selected the Kelstream. It means we can work with Selo to offer reliable, high quality and flexible processing lines. Furthermore, both Gpi and Selo have very similar corporate cultures, which means we understand one another perfectly. This means we can communicate directly and clearly, and will always know what each party expects of the other.”

Three new Kelstreams have been ordered in the meantime, and are expected to be delivered by mid-2021.

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