Heating & cooling Tanks

Is a Cooking Kettle, Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger or Melting Unit the optimal solution for your product processing?

Whether pasteurising, cooling, freezing or melting, each application places different demands on the tank or process equipment.
That is why our process equipment is designed and manufactured in close cooperation between all our departments so that it
fit perfectly with your product and process and meet all desired requirements. 

Put your cooling/heating issue to us directly at the time of your enquiry. We will be happy to help you find the most efficient solution.


Various processes require heating of a product. Gpi designs and manufactures custom made process equipment for any application.

We will be happy to advise you on the perfect heating technology for your product. 

Stainless Steel Cooking Kettle - inside render


The cooling of a product also requires specific process equipment. Think here of equipment for:

Let us know your requirements and we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities that are suitable for your product.

Which heating/cooling equipment can Gpi supply?

For heating and/or cooling of soups, sauces, confectionery, fruit, dairy or other food and cosmetic products, Gpi is the right partner. From scraped surface heat exchangers to melting units, our engineers think along with you in the design and advise you about the possibilities. Our skilled production staff ensure that the design is made with precision so that your stainless steel cooker or shell and tube heat exchanger fits seamlessly into your process. 

Want to see with your own eyes whether our equipment meets your requirements? Make an appointment and test your product in our test room in Gouda.

For which products does Gpi design and manufacture cooling/heating equipment?

Finishing levels

As a standard, Gpi ensures a high-finishing level. For some applications, such as in the food industry or even in the pharmaceutical industry, specific requirements are applicable. As a standard, food tanks are produced with an internal roughness of Ra 0.8, but if desired we can also produce tanks with much smoother (and therefore more hygienic) inner walls.

Stainless Steel Buffer Tank - upperside

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