Extension sauce Cooking Kettle processing line


To expand its cooking line, Rimboe Sauces and Marinades has purchased four additional Cooking Kettles from Gpi; two 2000ltr and two 3000ltr process vessels for the production of sauces and marinades



Production of sauces with an oriental twist for the consumer,- catering and processing industries.

Product properties

  • 2000ltr & 3000ltr insulated stainless steel304 digesters incl. high-speed mixer
  • RVS304 cooking kettles incl. anchor agitator
  • High speed mixer; homogeneous mixing of powders/solid pieces in a liquid
  • Anchor agitator; keeps product moving homogeneously
  • Heated/cooled jacket suitable for liquid and steam
  • Sanitary wall and bottom scrapers
  • Dumping grid; adding ingredients during the mixing process
  • Adjustable tubular profile legs
  • Stairs, platform and railing

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