Drinks and juices

Stainless steel tanks that perfectly match your thirst and taste

Tanks and process equipment for soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and fruit juices

There is an increasingly varied range of drinks on the shelves, with fresh juices, sports, energy and protein drinks becoming more important. Processing ingredients for these products requires specialist equipment that always takes into account the properties of the product.

Whether you want to heat, cool, mix or store, Gpi has the best tanks and process equipment for your production line. 

Standard or tailor made for your product and process

Storage tanks, heat exchangers, cookers, buffer tanks, melting units and process tanks, Gpi De Gouwe has years of experience in the (fruit) juice and beverage industry and has become a specialist in the aspects within the industry. For example, we can give the right advice on heating or cooling the product, on the correct degree of finishing and guarantee a product with a long life span. In addition, we design and manufacture our own agitators.

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