Big Bag unloading station

Easy unloading of dry substances

Stainless steel Big Bag unloading station

Besides tanks and process equipment, Gpi also designs and manufactures stainless steel Big Bag unloading stations. By using a Big Bag unloading station you prevent dust formation and/or product loss, while a high capacity is guaranteed. In addition, our unloading stations are suitable for various Big Bags sizes and types with or without a trunk or inner bag. 

Gpi is happy to discuss the possibilities within your process and designs and manufactures your Big Bag unloading station with knowledge, experience and craftsmanship.

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Options and applications

Each application places different demands on the Big Bag unloading station. That is why our unloading stations are designed and manufactured in close cooperation between all our departments, so that they fit in perfectly with your product and process and meet all the desired requirements.

Choose the right configuration

We understand that every application is different. That’s why we design our Big Bag unloading systems specifically to your specifications, to ensure that the unloading station perfectly matches your product and process. 

Do you have a preference for certain brands in terms of component choice? No problem. Would you like us to choose the best components for you? No problem at all. 

Gpi has good relationships with several suppliers of components like screw conveyor and pneumatic transport.

Would you like more information about our Big Bag unloading stations?