Process installations

How can a Process installation contribute to the processing of your product?

Whether your product process takes a long or short time, our process installations are designed and manufactured in close cooperation between all our departments so that they fit in perfectly with your requirements.

Present your product process to us at the time of enquiry. We will be happy to help you find the most efficient solution.

Additive mixing and dosing system - Additiveline

Automatic additive systems, which are used particularly in the potato industry, ensure that flavourings, colourings or other product enhancers are dosed and mixed with the potato flakes. Examples of additives are

  • dextrose
  • phosphate
  • emulsifiers
  • starch
  • citric acid

We are happy to advise you on a desired additive system for your product. 

Batter Coating Preparation System

Batter Coating Preparation system (Batterline)

A Batter Coating Preparation System, also known as Batterline, ensures that a thin layer of liquid batter is left on the product before it is baked in the oven. This coating is done to provide the product with additional properties such as

  • crunchiness
  • taste
  • colour

Let us know your wishes and we will gladly inform you about the possibilities that are suitable for your product.


Gpi also designs and produces integrated solutions built on a frame, also called skids. Think for example of a preparation tank in combination with 

  • a heat exchanger
  • control
  • valves
  • pipework

We are happy to advise you on our ‘plug-and-play’ stainless steel skids for your product. 

Which process installation systems can Gpi supply?

For an automatic dosing and/or coating system or a user-friendly skid, at Gpi you are at the right place. Our skilled engineers and production staff ensure that your process installation system fully meets your expectations. Curious if we can offer what you are looking for? Make an appointment and we welcome you in Gouda.

For which products does Gpi design and manufacture process installation systems?

Finishing levels

As a standard, Gpi ensures a high-finishing level. For some applications, such as in the food industry or even in the pharmaceutical industry, specific requirements are applicable. As a standard, food tanks are produced with an internal roughness of Ra 0.8, but if desired we can also produce tanks with much smoother (and therefore more hygienic) inner walls.

Stainless Steel Buffer Tank - upperside

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