Gpi starts Process Equipment division

Gpi Tanks and Process Equipment will split its business into two divisions. The Tanks divisions will fully focus on engineering and production of stainless steel tanks, where the newly founded division Process Equipment will specialize further in the design and productions of complex and knowledge-intensive process equipment.
With this process the Tank division can be streamlined further and optimized for shorter lead times. In the Process Equipment division more room and agility is created for the development of new complex products and process-related customer questions. Formally, the changes started on 1 January 2018.

“We notice that the two divisions produce products that require a different approach, both in engineering, production as well as in client support and aftersales. With this split we can offer clients a package that fits the products and client demands”, Fred Boere, CEO Gpi Group.

Gpi Process Equipment focuses on ‘engineered solutions’: standardised equipment for sub-processes. This includes a range of heat exchangers, cooking kettles, crystallizers, batter preparation stations, autoclaves, etc. Client-specific solutions are also possible. Where possible, solutions are used that fall within the current state of technology to guarantee ‘proof of concept’.

“We have notice a gap emerging between ‘process integrators’ that offer complete process systems and ‘job shops’ that only produce based on input from other parties. With Gpi Process Equipment, we, as an independent supplier, offer well-functioning solutions that can easily be integrated into existing or new process lines, by either end users or integrators.” Fred Boere, Managing Director of Gpi Group.

Primarily, the food industry is addressed and secondary, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The focus is on both the replacement market and on clients who integrate our equipment as new technology. Process integrators and installers are therefore an important client group. Gpi Process Equipment will remain an independent supplier, end customers or process integrators are free to assemble components into a complete process line. As such, services thus explicitly do not include complete process lines.

We notice that clients, in addition to tanks, increasingly find Gpi for other stainless steel equipment. An example of this is the ‘Kelstream’ scraped surface heat exchanger, which we supply to end users and process integrators all over the world. We do not supply a complete process line to produce ketchup or mayonnaise, but we do guarantee that our heat exchangers will give the desired result within the new or existing production line. For example: in terms of capacity and temperature.” Alexander Kraaijkamp, Sales Manager at Gpi Process Equipment.

Product Portfolio

The start portfolio of products include a range of heat exchangers, including the Kelstream scraped surface heat exchanger and the Batterline, the batter production stations, which are used to produce coating for various types of food. For more information about these products, click on the logos below.

About Gpi Group

Gpi Group is a group of companies originating from Gpi Roestvast B.V. and focuses primarily on the industrial equipment and metal works. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown to become an established name in the Dutch metal industry and continues to distinguish itself from other companies by constantly innovating in technology, process and collaborations.

The Process Equipment division joins the Tanks division within the Gpi Group. Current clients from Gpi can contact their trusted contact person. If your question is better suited to another division, you will of course be introduced for the best possible service experience.

For more information about Gpi Tanks.

Open vacancies

Gpi Process Equipment aims to grow to at least 10 employees within 2 years. Immediate vacancies are open for Project Managers, Process Technologists, Engineers/Architects and Production Employees. Interested candidates can get into contact by sending an email to [email protected].

Address details

Gpi Process Equipment is located opposite to Gpi’s head office on the Handelsweg 12. You can visit reception in the head office.


Alexander Kraaijkamp
Sales Manager Gpi Process Equipment
[email protected]

Enzo Panella
Sales Manager Gpi Tanks
[email protected]

Gerard Blok
Business Manager Gpi Group
[email protected]

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