ASME ‘U-Stamp’ certificate

Having an ASME ‘U-Stamp’ (ASME BPVC) certification means that Gpi meets all the essentials requirements for designing, assembling and inspection of pressure vessels. This certificate for stainless steel pressure tanks and process equipment is not only necessary in the United States and Canada, but is also a recognized quality stamp over more than 100 other countries.
Quality and safety are of paramount importance at Gpi. The ASME certification assures customers that Gpi produces and delivers custom made tank designs which are of the highest quality and are produced with the best craftmanship.

Working togehter with Gpi De Gouwe
Besides designing and manufacturing of (pressure) tanks and process equipment, Gpi installs and assembles it too. Our experienced, qualified and motivated professionals of our installation department, make sure each project is efficiently carried out according to agreement.

Our ASME U-Stamp certified products
We engineer and produce stainless steel tank and product equipment with the recognized certification among others for:

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