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Liquid processing within potato industry

The potato industry is multifaceted, both in terms of products and processes. Gpi De Gouwe is specialized in three specific niches within the potato processing industry:

  • Batter Coating Preparation Systems

  • Additive mixing and dosing systems

  • Inline heating and cooling of mashed potatoes

Gpi De Gouwe starts where the established potato equipment manufacturers stop, namely at the heating, cooling and mixing of liquid products. 

Potato wedges

Vast experience within the potato industry

Gpi has been an active supplier of process equipment and full systems like the Batterline and Additiveline for over 15 years.

We design, manufacture and install our systems worldwide and work together with system integrators and end-users.

To be 100% sure that the product quality is as desired, we have our own test facilities to enable you to see the highest quality product with your own eye.

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