'By observing the existing preparation processes at the customer’s location, I can provide well-founded recommendation’

Product technologist Govert Hamoen

Free advice on product and process optimisation

Achieving the highest achievable product quality in a highly efficient way, is it possible?

Taste and texture make the difference

Every product has a base of ingredients. The unique texture or flavour of a product is created by adding additional ingredients or additives on one hand and by the preparation process on the other. The way a product is prepared in the process equipment also affects the product’s composition.

Govert Hamoen, product technologist at Gpi De Gouwe, likes to delve into this aspect and applies his expertise to provide you with the right insights.

It’s an art to determine early on what the exact customer’s needs are and what results they want to achieve with the process equipment in the short term and in the future’ – Govert Hamoen

The value of a Product Technologist

So what exactly is the value of such an extra pair of eyes? A product technologist has a different background and looks at an issue from a unique perspective. For example, Govert analyses how ingredients react to each other in the process equipment and throughout the process under specific conditions. “By looking at the customer’s existing preparation processes, I can give well-founded advice”. Wondering what this can mean for you? Then scroll through quickly!

What can you expect from this free consultancy?

  1. Analysis of ingredient reactions in your process equipment

  2. In collaboration with our colleagues from Process Engineering Govert will advice you on the  (dis)advantages of specific production processes and possible product and process optimizations


Test out your product!

At Gpi De Gouwe, we go beyond advice. We also offer the possibility of testing the product in question in our special testing equipment. This testing can take place on site at your premises, or at Gpi De Gouwe in Gouda. Moreover, Govert is happy to take a look at your existing preparation processes at your location. This enables him to provide well-founded advice. Are you ready to take this step?