Storage & Buffering

Which Storage tank is right for your product?

When it comes to hygienic storage, whether atmospheric or cooled/heated, our process equipment is designed and manufactured in close cooperation between all our departments so that it fits your product and process perfectly and meets all desired and required requirements.

Present your stainless steel buffer tank issue to us directly at your request. We will be happy to help you find the most efficient solution.

What is the best storage method for your product?

Each product requires its own method of storage. Whether it’s applications in the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry, Gpi can design and manufacture the right storage tank for your product with her years of knowledge and experience. We are Lloyds audited and accredited for the independent design and construction of pressure tanks from 0.5 bar (H- + H1-certified). 

If your stainless steel storage tank is part of a PED installation, the project engineer will make a risk analysis and set up a test & inspection plan in close consultation with the client and our QA-/QC officer. These tanks are laid out according to the NEN-EN13445 as standard.

Chocolate tank

Chocolate buffertank

When storing chocolate, keeping the chocolate at the right temperature is very important for the quality. 

Our chocolate tanks are equipped with a double jacket, electric heating or a so-called au-bain-marie heating jacket.  With the right agitator or combination of agitators, homogeneity during the storage of the chocolate can also be guaranteed.

At Gpi we design and manufacture stainless steel chocolate tanks that meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. As standard we give our food-grade tanks an internal roughness of Ra 0.8 taking into account the latest requirements in the field of hygienic design.

Let us inform you about the possibilities that Gpi offers for the storage of your chocolate.

Juice tanks

Whether you want to store dairy products, fresh juices, sports, energy and protein drinks, each of these products requires specialised tanks that always takes the properties of the product into account.

In storage tanks for drinks and juices, it is essential that the product is kept at the right temperature. We provide the right combination of heating/cooling capacity and insulation on the tank. Whether this is a Dimple, Double Mantle or Half Pipe, Gpi is happy to think along with you.

We also advise you on the right agitator or agitator combinations in the juice tank that maintain the homogeneity of the product.

Which buffer tank do you prefer?

For storage of food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products Gpi is the right partner. From Buffer tanks in various sizes to Chocolate storage tanks, our engineers think along with you in the design and advise you about the possibilities. Our skilled production staff ensure that the design is made with precision so that your stainless steel Buffer tank or Juice tank fits seamlessly into your process. 

Would you like to see for yourself whether our equipment meets your requirements? Make an appointment and test your product in our test hall in Gouda.

For which products does Gpi design and manufacture storage tanks?

Finishing levels

As a standard, Gpi ensures a high-finishing level. For some applications, such as in the food industry or even in the pharmaceutical industry, specific requirements are applicable. As a standard, food tanks are produced with an internal roughness of Ra 0.8, but if desired we can also produce tanks with much smoother (and therefore more hygienic) inner walls.

Stainless Steel Buffer Tank - upperside

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