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Batter Coating for French Fries and Potato Wedges


Battered potato products are becoming more popular. Not only in the QSR’s, but also products at home. A good example are the spicy potato wedges.

Industrial production line of battered fries and potato wedges

The capacities of potato processing lines are increasing. 25 tons/hr is not uncommon anymore. Also the market demands for battered products are increased the last couple of years.

Having a fully-automated system preparing consistent quality product is essential. Production lines are running almost without any operators.

The preparation of consistent quality batter coating can be achieved with the Batterline.

Batter Coating Preparation System

Why use the Batterline Batter Coating Preparation System?

The Batterline is a system for high volume, continuous preparation of batter coating, as typically seen in the potato processing industry. The liquid batter is applied via an applicator, where product is covered in a thin layer before they are baked in the oven. This ‘battering’ or ‘coating’ is done to give the product certain additional properties, such as ‘bite’ (crispness), color or taste.

The Batterline can also be applied to other industries where products are battered on a continuous basis, such as the meat or fish processing industries.

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